03 Dec: 2019 Employee Review Process

Tradepoint Atlantic believes its employee base is an essential factor in the continued success of the organization. The Annual Employee Review Process detailed below is being established to provide employees with feedback, self-evaluation and mentorship for continued development and to award employees for their prior year contributions accordingly.

02 Jul: TPA Facility Access Badges

Tradepoint Atlantic has established a standard of security and access control that provides a safe work site. We are implementing a new ID badge process for TPA employees, tenants, contractors, vendors and security officers. Everyone that wishes to access Tradepoint Atlantic’s gates, site and/or corporate building (1600) is required to have a badge. Your badge should be clearly visible to anyone. Please review the attached document on how to request an ID badge. Everyone is required to fill out Tradepoint Atlantic’s Facility Credential & Renewal Request Application regardless of the type of ID we may currently have on file, including TWIC.