2017 August

15 Aug: TPA Team Announcement & Reorganization

I want to personally thank each and every one you for the continued hard work and dedication you show each and every day. The challenges are daunting, yet the work we are doing here is meaningful and will have a significant impact for generations to come, something to be very proud of. Because of you, we are making great strides in 2017, and are on track to have a very busy fall and expect to kick off 2018 with even more momentum. As with any new organization, there comes a time where we must look internally to see how we can best work together to accomplish the goals and tasks before us. After consultation with TPA’s Board of Directors, I would like to announce several organizational changes that will help position TPA for success moving forward. Please find attached a memo and company organizational chart detailing these new changes. I believe this new structure provides clarity, organizational strength and added functional areas that have been missing. It is my hope that we will continue to work together to solve problems, look for new opportunities and innovations, and bring together our collective talent to create a new future for ourselves, our families and for Sparrows Point. Sincerest Regards, Mike Mullen, Chairman & CEO

15 Aug: TPA Tuition Reimbursement Program

On behalf of our Chairman and CEO Mike Mullen and the Executive Team, TPA would like to officially announce our new tuition reimbursement program. Tradepoint Atlantic believes in continued investment in its team through personal and professional enrichment opportunities. The new tuition reimbursement program is designed to encourage TPA team members to seek opportunities to expand and advance their skills and knowledge in a way that will help them grow in their roles and support advancement in their overall career paths. A successful company is only as good as the people who make it work. You have invested your time and talents in Tradepoint Atlantic, so now, Tradepoint Atlantic wants to continue to invest in you, your future and professional growth. We are also pleased to announce that Tradepoint Atlantic through its partnership with Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) has secured in-county tuition rates for all Tradepoint Atlantic employees who enroll in CCBC courses! See the link in the title or below for more information.